Ms. Wendy Easterbrook

Wendy is assigned to the Mi-DEx project, responsible for working with the FBI N-DEx staff to assure the Mi-DEx interface is performing as expected. She will guide local agencies in their efforts to access N-DEx and assist them with testing their interface to submit their data. She also works with vendors that may wish to submit data to N-DEx for all of their clientele through their system. Wendy has worked for the Michigan State Police for 29 years. For the past 14 years, she has been assigned as the Departmental Specialist in the Data Analysis and Reporting Unit. She has been the division's expert on technical issues ranging from mainframe and server administration, webmaster duties, SQL queries, and Crystal Reports development.


The Mi-DEx Working Group was formed by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, the Michigan Sheriffs' Association, and the Michigan State Police. Each organization designated members who were already instrumental in moving information sharing initiatives forward and exhibited an interest in creating a statewide information sharing collaborative. The Mi-DEx Working Group has created a framework for information sharing; it also provides guidance to local agencies and advises on policy concerns while encouraging all Michigan law enforcement agencies to participate.
Mi-DEx Working Group
Mi-DEx Staff

Mi-DEx Working Group Contacts

Chief Deputy Michelle LaJoye-Young
Kent County Sheriff's Office


Ms. Dawn Brinningstaull
Division Director, Criminal Justice Information Center
Michigan State Police

Ms. Katie Bower
Asst. Director, Criminal Justice Information Center
Michigan State Police

Chief Don Pussehl
Saginaw Twp. Police Department

Captain Chuck DeWitt
Kent County Sheriff's Office

Chief Laude Hartrum
Pentwater Police Department

Chief Catherine Garcia-Lindstrom
Walker Police Department

Mr. Robert B. Phelps
Criminal Justice Information Center
Michigan State Police